As Clean As It Gets Carpet Cleaner

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Your sofa seats, curtains, etc all are a germ house until they have been cleaned by professional methods.
The dust that hides beneath its surface can cause health hazards to the members of the household, and also, affect the quality of air inside the house.

As Clean As It Gets Carpet Cleaner in Alhambra

is a professional cleaning service that undertakes the cleaning of the upholstery and makes sure that it is free from all the germs and particles, which are not only unclean but also unhealthy. Our upholstery cleaning services include:

Dry Cleaning

as clean as it gets carpet cleaner

We see your fabrics and assess if they are sensitive to water, in which case we provide the dry cleaning service and make sure that the quality of your fabric remains intact while your upholstery is also spotless clean. This method is not only inexpensive, but also highly effective.


All your rayon or cotton based fabrics will be cleaned using this technique. It is a longer and deep cleaning procedure, which cleans the fabric from within. It is our duty to ensure that your fabric does not lose its original shine or look so we give it the ideal composition of hand cleaning and solutions.

Steam cleaning

This versatile method is very successful for all kinds of fabrics. You can deep clean all the surfaces without causing any damage to the color or surface. When we use steam cleaning, it takes away any dirt and residue that has been left behind

As Clean As It Gets Carpet Cleaner

is a professional trusted service for a reason. We are known for our customized service offerings to our clients and we respect your property as much as you do so that you can trust your fabrics in our hands.Upholstery Cleaning in Alhambra.

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